Выпуск 21 – Eesti 103

In February, we celebrated the 103’rd anniversary of Estonia gaining independence. Today we will mention our country’s achievements so far in the 21st century.

Estonia is the best country in the world for startups. 

Index Venture, a company that examines the possibilities and friendliness of different countries for startups, ranked Estonia as the friendliest country for startups. Creating a startup or opening a business in Estonia is far less complicated in comparison with other developed world countries. Almost every school has a business course in the gymnasium. Estonia supports startups created here. Among the most famous startups, there are Bolt, TransferWize, Veriff and so many more. 

Estonian has one of the cleanest air quality in the world. Tallinn is among the cleanest cities in the world too. Having not the best weather, we have the best air, which is more important.

Estonia is entirely covered with a 4G network. Even in the forest located very far from the major city you can call or surf the net. For example, Latvia and Lithuania aren’t entirely covered being the same size.

And we all know that Estonia is an e-country. We can vote through the internet and do everything through the World Wide Web. Almost no country in the world has achieved something Estonia did back in 2004. And you can vote privately and honestly, that’s what is incredible.


Written by: The Youth English Club team: Artem, Andrei, Greta, Violetta, Zhenya

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