Выпуск 21 – Foreword

These English articles were written by members of Youth English Club. What is this youth organization doing? And who are we?


Back in August, we were holding YEC meetings in the National Library. However, YEC was a different story from what we have now. We had only 5~6 participants at a time. But with the educational year approaching, we understood that we need to expand. So our founder contacted plenty of different schools and youth centres, including Kesklinna Noortekeskus, which was the only one who replied to us. 

The lovely personnel of Kesklinna Youth Centre helped us to expand. At the first meeting, we had over 20 participants. Furthermore, at the meeting after, we had even 30 and that was a wake-up call. That was a signal that the club itself needs more people to deal with it. 

Firstly, only our founder, Artem, was working at our club. Then, Violetta, our magnificent Language Manager joined. Further, we started to write articles for our social media account, which became Andrei’s main responsibility. Our team keeps expanding. Recently, our engaging PR managers have joined the team: Zhenya and Greta. And the whole thing, Youth English Club, just wouldn’t have been possible without charming Youth Centre’s employee Zhenya (yeah, we have 2 Zhenyas). Exactly Zhenya mentioned us and replied to us when we were searching for a place to hold YEC. 

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The Youth English Club team: Artem, Andrei, Greta, Violetta, Zhenya

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