Выпуск 21 – Stargazing

Have you ever watched the stars? Watched dreaming or wondering, questioning yourself and guessing? What is beyond our home? Who is beyond our home? Everyone did, I’m sure. Humans’ curiosity is always unsatisfied and in search of intriguing questions and mythical theories. Our century is a time for discoveries, breakthrough revelations and global change.

Every civilization should expand itself beyond its home, otherwise, it will die starving, eventually. That’s a rule. We know that our home, Earth, will not exist forever, so we should act. People work hard on space missions to help us discover the universe and our nearest planet – Mars.

There were numerous unsuccessful and successful attempts landing on Mars. Behind unsuccessful attempts stay broken lives of people, dedicated their whole life to building a rover or a spacecraft for a failed mission. Behind successful attempts stay gracious people whose creations help us to understand the true laws of the universe. But these people are equal and without mistakes, others would not have succeeded in the end.

Now, NASA has launched a mission and a rover to Mars. A rover will take samples of rocks and materials located on Mars. It will analyze them itself and then the materials will be sent back to Earth. Technically, there will be the second mission to pick up the samples and send them back. It’s fascinating, discovering materials from tens of millions of kilometres. It is going to be a revolution in science. And the revolution in science might be even greater if we will determine the marks of water. That would mean that Mars was someday a planet with life or still is. That will be an immense discovery. It will expand the interests of people to the red planet and definitely boost discoveries even further than they are now.


Written by: The Youth English Club team: Artem, Andrei, Greta, Violetta, Zhenya

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