Выпуск 22 – Mini-articles

Watch these movies

Shutter island is an American psychological detective thriller, directed by Martin Scorsese.

The plot has many unexpected twists and can be watched more than one time. 

Dirk Gently’s detective holistic agency is a detective series based on a novel written by Douglas Adams. 

The plot is not trivial and is well balancing between being detective fiction and absurd. 

The secret of Kells is an animated film produced by an Irish indie-studio Cartoon Saloon, also known for their other animated film “The Song of the Sea”.

The cartoon has a unique 2D hand-drawn art style which is quite uncommon in our times.


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Is coffee healthy?

Coffee is the drink that we consume to keep energized and concentrated. Although some studies show that coffee’s beneficial effects go far beyond this.

Apart from keeping you concentrated and active, coffee helps you to burn fat and keep you fit by improving your physical performance. 

Coffee lowers the risks of getting some severe disorders like diabetes, cancer or Alzheimer. Aside from that, people who drink coffee are nearly immune to stroke.

We’ve uncovered the essential benefits of coffee, although, you should remember that you shouldn’t drink more than 1-2 cups of coffee per day. Otherwise, all of these benefits will turn into difficulties.

Do you drink coffee? Share your attitude on coffee in the comments!


Living without water

We use water quite often and in different directives. We do not even think, how much water we consume in our everyday life.

Imagine, our lives without a supply of clean water. For us, it is going to be impossible. However, there’re is ⅐ of people who do not have access to clean water.

4,500 kids die in a single day as a consequence of the clean water supply absence.

How can we improve the situation: donating. An enterprise, called “water: charity”, builds clean water springs in poor neighbourhoods all over the world.

What do you think about this problem? Would you like to volunteer to solve humanitarian problems like this one?


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The COVID-19 vaccines are being made in a record-breaking time. But how are they working and is it safe, let’s figure it out!

How are they working? There are a lot of vaccines, but the first vaccines are mRNA vaccines. Sounds terrifying, isn’t it? Most of the vaccines consist of the dead or small parts of the virus or just weakened form of the virus. However, the newest COVID-19 vaccines use the breakthrough method. As I wrote earlier – the mRNA method. This way, not a virus is injected into the body, but protein with DNA instructions, that makes our cells build special proteins. These proteins are the same as the proteins located on the virus. Once the cell has built proteins, it gets rid of them and lives on unharmed. These proteins are being later recognized by our immune system and it learns how to deal with these proteins and at the same time with the virus itself.

The vaccine is totally safe because the DNA injected does not interact with the cells’ nucleus (et: tuum/ru: ядро). That means that the vaccines do not interact or mute our DNA – it’s just impossible. The vaccines also can’t use the virus, because they do not contain it, as I wrote earlier.

So are there any reasons to be afraid of the vaccines? The answer is “No”! The mRNA vaccine from Pfizer and BioNTech has already been tested on countless amount of people and for now, everything goes perfectly. So come on and take this delicious dose of your PrOtEiNs!


Written by: Andrei Sazonov

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